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Summer orders

This one-woman business is taking on new adventures this year that has me away from home for up to a week at a time. Please note that when placing orders, I do my best to deliver as soon as possible but please expect delays. If delivery is urgent for a set date, please let me know through the contact submission form. If not, your artwork will arrive as soon as possible. Thanks for your support in the human side of small businesses!


I love creating custom work to capture your personal sense of connection with a place. I work closely with you to figure out what will be the best fit, from style to colour palette to subject matter. My commission pieces have ranged from large watercolours to acrylic on wood panels.

My commissions are closed for the 2024 summer season, but please reach out for inquiries for future projects!

Castle Mountain

Commissioned painting of Castle Mountain in Alberta

Commissioned mural of the High Rockies mountain bike trail in Kananaskis, Alberta for Jeff Bartlett - adventure photographer, writer, and Banff Mountain Film Festival filmmaker.

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