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I've started bringing my storytelling through art and writing together by creating pieces that work to capture my adventures. I love being able to illustrate my stories to bring another sense of connection from my experiences to the reader.

Click the titles below to dive into some of my adventures.

'A Short Little Guide' Series

Partnering with Wilderness Magazine, I've created monthly illustrations on skills to learn in the backcountry. Varying from topics that are practical, safety-oriented, or deepening our connections with the land, I hope to share some of the skills and insights I've learned over the years.

Slide through the gallery or visit for the latest edition.

'Packrafting Jasper's North Boundary'

A six day exploratory packrafting trip took me and a couple of friends on a wild ride down remote rivers in British Columbia and Alberta. We had an incredible journey navigating mountain passes, scouting rapids, and taking on canyon and boulder garden whitewater.

NBP Map.jpg

'Facing Doubts in Flying Solo'

I set off on a solo hike in the Tararua Mountains in New Zealand. Being by myself on exposed ridgelines and brutal weather forced me to think about risk management and decision making, and how we process these differently alone.

Reading Rivers with W.O.R.M.S.

As part of an ongoing educational series with Aqua Bound, I created this set of illustrations and accompanying article to explain the mnemonic "W.O.R.M.S." as a tool for understanding whitewater.

River Signals Full.png

International River Signals

With the roar of the rapids, communication on the river with your paddling party and others can be challenging.

I put together an article and illustrations for Aqua Bound on the top 5 river signals that are mostly international to allow paddlers who have never met to communicate hazards on the river, ask for help, check in before dropping a line, and so much more.

Backyard Adventures

If there’s one thing I’ve learned to maximize days on the water, it’s to have quick easy adventures planned for that last minute day off or change of schedule.

I've just began a new series with Aqua Bound on Backyard Adventures to highlight the quick river trips that can be planned out your back door, sharing some of my own local favourites.

Bow Valley Map

More to Read

Click the titles below to dive into some of my adventures sans illustration, but with beautiful images from the photographers I love to adventure with.

The 'Pack' in Packraft

A quick instructional article on packing packrafts from on the trail to on the river. I share my best tips for packing with goals of balance, stability, and accessibility in mind.


Mini Canada, Big Adventure

Bikepacking around the South Island of New Zealand was jam packed with exhilarating built-for-bike trails and spectacular scenery. I reflected on this three week trip afterwards, how the scenery was akin to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, prairies, coastlines, but with its own Kiwi twists.

Straight Talk for Women Bikepackers

After my first multi-day bikepacking trip, I reflected on some of the challenges I found as a cis-female rider. In a field of cycling still overwhelming dominated by men, I found this reflection important, however, I would now write it with more conscientiousness around trans-inclusive language and acknowledge the lack of education I had on this topic at the time of publication.

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